The sale “hinges” on you!

, The sale “hinges” on you!

People buy people.. Your customers bought into YOU!

It’s not who you’re calling on, or what you’re selling. It’s how you present yourself. If you sell used cars, computers, perfume at a department store, or million pound yachts — there’s very little difference in anything other than your earnings. Your ability to excel and be happy in any of these jobs — including your job right now — has very little to do with the economy, very little to do with your product, and even less to do with price.The sale hinges on

  • and your communication ability.
  • ..your belief in what you’re selling.
  • ..your attitude about yourself.
  • ..the way someone else perceives you.
  • ..your believability.
  • ..your friendliness.
  • ..the customer’s perceived value.
  • rare cases, the sale also hinges on the price.

So if you are struggling to make the sale or you have a poor conversion rate, you may want to consider sharpening your personal skills rather than blaming price or the economic markets.. Because in most cases and the majority of sales situations the sale actually hinges on YOU…

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