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INCREASE ReVeNUE and profit
Struggling with your Financials.
Small business owners often struggle with financial management, including budgeting, cash flow management, and understanding financial statements. A business coach can help by providing guidance on financial planning, creating budgets, analysing financial data, and identifying areas for cost reduction or revenue improvement.
INCREASE ReVeNUE and profit
getting more sales
Your Marketing Sucks!
Small business owners often struggle with marketing their products or services and attracting new customers. A business coach can offer guidance in developing a comprehensive marketing strategy, identifying target markets, and implementing effective marketing tactics. They can provide insights on branding, digital marketing, social media strategies, and customer acquisition techniques, enabling owners to reach their target audience more effectively and increase those all important sales.
getting more sales
build a winning team
Can't Find The Right People.
Leading a team and managing employees can be challenging for small business owners, particularly if they lack prior management experience. A business coach can provide leadership development training, coaching on effective communication and conflict resolution, and guidance on building a strong and motivated team. They can help owners enhance their leadership skills, foster a positive work culture, and create systems for effective employee management, leading to higher employee engagement and improved overall performance.
build a winning team
set achieveable goals
You Lack Focus And Direction.
A business coach plays a crucial role in promoting accountability and goal setting for small business owners. They help owners establish clear goals, create accountability structures, overcome obstacles, and adjust goals as needed. By providing guidance, support, and an external perspective, coaches empower business owners to stay focused, take consistent action, and achieve meaningful results in their businesses.
set achieveable goals

I'm here to help YOU, your TEAM and your BUSINESS.


1:2:1 Coaching

Business Coaching face to face or remotely anywhere in the world. The ultimate leadership support program for any Business Owner wishing to learn fast, and personalised to them. There is no better way to get access to Business Coaching and support.

Group Coaching

Business Coaching and support for you and the whole team. One to many, face to face or remote training. I can come to you or we can work remotely via Zoom or MS Teams. Inhouse training for teams is becoming increasingly popular.

, Services

Leadership Training

As an experienced international Leadership Trainer I have travelled extensively working with business leaders around the globe. From As far away as Auckland NZ to Beijing China. I cover all leadership topics with 1-2-3-4-5 day courses bespoke to your needs. I can work face to face with you or deliver my content via Zoom or Teams. CLICK for DETAILS

Keynote Speaker

As your global business keynote speaker I am known for my BIG100 Event.. What I like to call EDU-TAINMENT. My delivery is fast paced, energised, upbeat, fun and of course relevant and interesting. Perfect for your conferences, away days, expos.

Phone - Zoom Remote

1:2:1 Business Coaching

£325/per month
These can be taken when you need them - Weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. (Most popular)
Sessions are delivered remotely via Zoom, telephone, or Skype.
Sessions last up to 90 minutes.
Comprehensive feedback email is provided after EVERY session.
Workshops, seminars and other events are discounted and offered early.

Face to Face Coaching

1:2:1 Business Coaching

£395/per month
Monthly 1:2:1 coaching - In person. Great for clients who are located in the Hampshire region.
Sessions are normally face to face, but can remote via Zoom, Telephone, Skype.if preferred.
Sessions last up to two hours
Comprehensive feedback email is provided after EVERY session.
Workshops, seminars and other events are discounted and offered early.
IDEAL for the smaller businesses or start-ups

Group Coaching Sessions


£150/per delegate
Get a group of 10 or more delegates together and split the cost of an AMAZING business training day.
Full and half day training is available.
Minimum of 10 paying delegates is normally required. (Negotiable)
All training books, materials, slides and printed content is supplied.
The venue and catering costs will normally be covered by the attending delegates or the organiser.
We have a HUGE range of training content available.


Complementary Business Coaching Session.

If you are ready to find out more about Business Coaching works, or maybe you simply want to find out if I am the right coach for you. CLICK THE LINK!
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