7 Great Reasons why you should Blog for Business!

Why Blog for Business? By Steve Lowsley from Yescando

, 7 Great Reasons why you should Blog for Business!

Blogging is often seen by business owners as one of those “should do’s” that they just can’t seem to get round to.  Does that sound like you?

Are you too busy? Does something more important (in)conveniently pop up just when you sit down to do it? Do you wonder who is going to read it? Do you wonder why you’re doing it?

You’re not alone

I was exactly the same and it bugged me so I spent a bit of time looking into it and this is what helped me to get started.

7 Reasons Why a Business Blog is Valuable

In no particular order of importance I hope that these 7 reasons will encourage you to rethink your attitude to blogging. To find out some more practical tips on HOW to get started, download our FREE Easy Guide to Blogging after reading this.

  1. Establish yourself as an industry authority
    If you can show that you know a lot about what you do and that you are tapped in to the updates and movement in your industry people are far more likely to buy from you.
  2. Build your online brand presence
    Blog posts can rank very highly in search engines, especially for less common, longer search phrases.  Make sure your blog posts contain a range of words that you think your audience might type into Google – especially at the beginning of the article
  3. Humanise your brand
    People do like to know that they are dealing with a person rather than a corporation.  Blog with your name rather than “admin” or “Companyname”.  Take the opportunity to add some personal opinion, write in the first person and don’t try to make your blog into a marketing brochure – that’s what your main website is for!
  4. Educate your customers
    The more your prospective customer knows about what you do and how you do it before they get in touch with you, the easier it is to position yourself as the answer to their problem when they do.
  5. Sell!
    There’s nothing wrong with doing a bit of selling in your blog. Use it to advertise promotions, product launches, attendance at a tradeshow,  winning of awards. Don’t be afraid to “big yourself up” a bit
  6. Respond to a crisis
    These days, with the prevalence of social media, you don’t get the opportunity to hide away until it blows over.  Use your blog to issue public statements and updates as a situation develops.
  7. Build links
    Use your blog to link to pages on your website, to external references and to other articles on your own blog.  This makes is easy for people to find their way around your site and to verify information should they need to.  It also helps Google to trust your site and to look around your site and therefore rank it higher for relevant search terms.

At Yescando we are passionate about helping you promote your business in the best way possible.  Our range of website packages is designed from the ground up to suit every business. To find out more about blogging or websites in general take a look at Yescando.com or give us a call on 02392 373235

Thank you to Steve and the team from Yescando. This is a great post and I highly recommend their free and easy guide he has mentioned. I am very happy to post up guest blogs for clients and business related topics. Please feel free to drop me a line if you would like to guest blog on my website.

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