All accountants are not the same. You can switch to an award winning one today as easy as 1-2-3

, All accountants are not the same. You can switch to an award winning one today as easy as 1-2-3Switching – Easier than you think?

by Hannah Oliver

“I have been with my accountant for the last 10 years and although I am not happy with them, I would rather stay with them then go through the process of switching”

Does this comment sound familiar?  If it does, then my answer will always be “it is a lot simpler than you think and it may just save you money or provide you with a better service”.

So just how easy is it?

Once you have taken advantage of one of our free initial consultations (see what is a free initial consultation?) it is now up to us to do all the work to make sure your switch is smooth and without any inconvenience to you or your business.

 There are 4. easy steps to switching –

 Step 1 – You will have to contact your old accountant to advise them that you wish to appoint H2O, which we can help you draft.  We will then send your old accountant a Professional Clearance letter and request information relevant to your affairs.  This is typically a copy of your last accounts, tax returns and computations and all other relevant information.

 Step 2 – We will invite you in for a second meeting to bring you up to speed with the handover process as well as complete the relevant new client forms so we understand even more about your business and circumstances.  At this meeting we will require by law to take copies of identity (passport and utility bill).

 Step 3 – We will send you our letters of engagement and schedule of terms which will detail our responsibilities and what services we will be providing.  We will also send you the form 64-8 which will advise HM Revenue & Customs that we will be your tax agent.

 Step 4 – We will receive the handover information from your old accountant and start dealing with your affairs.

 There is no charge for us to complete these steps and we will ensure that it is completed with the absolute minimum disruption to you and your business.

 As you can see from the above, we will deal with the switching process so you can concentrate on dealing with your business.

If you would like any more information, please contact us.


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