15 Myths and Misconceptions about Marketing

, 15 Myths and Misconceptions about MarketingMarketing has changed over the last 5-10 years, consequently so have some of the known working strategies. There are also many myths and misconceptions to be aware of and I recommend you should avoid. So, here are my top 15 Myths and Misconceptions about Marketing……

MYTH. It is good to have a great deal of white space in advertisements, brochures, and other printed materials. Fact: Not today where the consumer wants as much information as possible about your company and products. If you don’t have room, include your web address where they can go to get more information at their convenience.

MYTH. Use short copy. People won’t read long copy. Fact: This is one of the most dangerous, costly, and silly myths in marketing. People want enough information to make a buying decision.

MYTH. Sell the sizzle and not the steak. Fact: The easiest way to sell a product is to offer it as a solution to a problem your customers may have.

MYTH. Great marketing works instantly. Fact: Great price-off sales work instantly as does giving away product. Great marketing takes time.

MYTH. Marketing should entertain and amuse. Fact: Show business should entertain and amuse. Marketing should sell. Winning marketing awards for your advertising does not mean more profits in your pocket.

MYTH. Marketing should be changed every few years to keep it fresh and new. Fact: The longer your marketing promotes your product or service, the better, e.g., things go better with …

Public relations stories have a short life span. Fact: Only if you let them. Make copies and use it a part of your other marketing strategies.

MYTH. Bad publicity is better than no publicity at all. Fact: Bad publicity is bad for your business! With on-line services such as the Internet, millions of people can get to know about bad publicity. Have an action plan in place for such contingencies.

MYTH. Word-of-mouth marketing is all a great business needs. Fact: Not any longer. Businesses need to be marketing all the time with a variety of tools.

MYTH. The purpose of marketing is to generate maximum sales volume. Fact:
Wrong, the purpose of marketing is to generate maximum profits.

MYTH. Quality is the main determinant in influencing sales. Fact: Confidence in the business is the main determinant; quality is second.

MYTH. It makes a lot of sense for a small business to retain the services of an advertising agency. Fact: No it does not. Better work at more reasonable prices is available from marketing consultants.

MYTH. Once your business has a solid customer base, it can cease marketing. Fact: Perhaps you can cut down on general marketing but you must maintain contact with your customer base or someone will take them away.

MYTH. Repetition of a marketing message is boring. Fact: It may be boring to you, but it won’t be boring to your prospects and customers.

Avoid these common myths and misconceptions in your marketing plans and you will be on the track to ensuring great business results. Measure everything you do, keep track of what works for you and keep doing it till it changes. I hope you enjoyed the article please feel free to comment.

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  1. Maggie Langley 23rd June 2010 at 09:03

    Thank you for this blog article. I found this information very useful.

  2. Helen Buteux 23rd June 2010 at 14:09

    I completely agree – with the caveat that what works for one person, one time, one industry, one application, might not work in entirity for another if any of those 4 things vary. It’s about using the basic rules of engagement, research, focus, knowledge and expertise (baking the cake) then adding the clever design & copy on top (icing it) and the right marketing (delivery of the cake to the recipient to get a response!)

    As always Ian, you speak words of wisdom!


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