5 Great Reasons To Work From Home

5 Great Reasons To Work From Home

, 5 Great Reasons To Work From Home

There’s an awful lot of fear and panic surrounding the thought of working from home. Many people reject the notion entirely, my own Dad included, but is it really as bad as it seems?

My Dad claims he “couldn’t be trusted” as he’d just be in the pub by lunch, but with the imminent closure of the boozers, and offices across the UK, remote working is becoming a very real possibility for a lot of businesses.

As we formed Knights by working from home, and personally my previous web agencies before it, I wanted to break down some of the reasons why I think it’s great!

Reason 1: More Time For Work

Getting rid of the commute, especially for those who’re spending 2 hours plus a day in the car, sounds like an absolute dream.

There’s nothing worse than being sat in traffic, especially in the web industry, when you’ve got client deadlines looming. The stress is unbearable at times. When working from home, you reduce your commute to a mere 30 seconds in getting down stairs.

Reason 2: Helps Encourage Discipline

As Jim Rohn states in his book, 7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness, discipline is one of the core values.

Learning to control yourself, get things done, and stay on task pays dividends. Especially when you’ve got Netflix, your Xbox, and potentially the worlds most elaborate Michelin star Masterchef-esque lunch to distract you.

Reason 3: It Forces Process

Lots of things in the office just happen through muscle memory. Heading over to your colleagues desk to ask for something, print something off, get a signoff. But when you’re remote working more process is required to make sure the ball keeps on rolling.

You’ll organically start to consider your workflow, especially when your resources are limited, and you’ve got things to get out the door.

When you think through what you’ve got to get done, and the bottlenecks you might encounter, it starts to make you think about process, and eventually – moving to better ways of working: the digital realm.

Reason 4: Digital Transformation

The digital realm in some businesses is met with resistance. Tech learning curves and a general love for paper and pens usually quashes most CEOs hopes of migrating to a dashboarded world where everything makes sense.

We largely have Microsoft’s steep learning curve with things like advanced usage of Excel and dare I say it, Sharepoint, to thank for this resistance. But this is not the world we live in today.

There are many apps out there that are easy to use and being forced to try them at times like this will massively improve your confidence. As would working with a Digital Transformation specialist!

Speaking of confidence.

Reason 5: Confidence to Camera

We all have a natural knee jerk reaction to shy away from camera. But with remote working, switching on that webcam and getting in a webinar is a day one requirement.

You’ll soon be unafraid to try it. Also, getting on Facebook Live, and pushing video out there to advertise when you can’t face to face network anymore is going to rapidly become a requirement.

As everyone will be doing it, it will become the norm, and once all this COVID stuff blows over, you’ll have a new skill set to take forward to the new world.

More Information

If you’d like to read more about our thoughts on home working, check out our blog article expanding on these 5 tips. Or feel free to take a look at our latest help guide – WFH: Guide to Remote Working.

, 5 Great Reasons To Work From Home

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