Five Great Reasons Why You Need To Adjust Your Sales Process

Here Are Five Great Reasons Why You Need To Adjust Your Sales Process

, Five Great Reasons Why You Need To Adjust Your Sales Process

“All spending is on hold.”

“Call us back in 6 months.”

Long sigh “If we were interested, we would have called you back.”

I’ve worked through 3 recessions including this downturn caused by the coronavirus. The rejections stay the same.
When people are struck by fear, rational thinking often goes out the window and they stick to clichés like those mentioned above.

Here’s the problem.

You have a business to run and without sales, you’re finished.

Government support is always appreciated and for the first time in a decade, I can see the government trying to do some good for the British public. It’s appreciated, although it’s not enough.

Who knows how long the bad times/downturn will last?

In addition, many of us have huge overheads from children at university or parents about to retire and larger loans and mortgages.

Maybe you want to grow your business. After all, the best businesses in the world have been built during hard times like IBM, Microsoft and Apple.

So there’s no reason to think small and plod along. Now is the time to go bigger and better.

Here’s what I’m currently doing for myself as a business owner – and for my clients – to help them generate more sales and prepare for the long term

1. Stop Selling

That’s right. As a sales expert, I’m telling you to stop selling. What you need to do right now is listen. Call your clients and prospects. Tell them you know times are tough and you want to help. What the biggest problems they’re facing right now.  

2. Support

Like, comment and share your client’s content on social media. Then message them and tell them what you’ve done. They will appreciate it.  So when the moment is right, they’re more likely contact you and not your competitor.

3. The Client Isn’t Always Right

It’s okay to question a client if you think they’re making the wrong decision. Naturally, you have to  use the right tone. Many clients will respect you more.

4. Nobody Needs More Emails

The rise in working from home means more people are emailing than ever. Nobody needs more emails or more LinkedIn messages. Writing letters are normally the best ways to communicate, however, with most people home working, pick up the phone instead. People buy people. You save time, understand tone better and are able to move business along a better process over the phone than email.

5. ABC

For many years, this meant Always Be Closing. Now it’s Always Be Caring.  The slickest, fast-talking person doesn’t always win the deal. Care for your clients. Building a relationship, not a transaction. It will be more valuable long term. Businesses aren’t built for a few months. Think long term. Caring is the new winning.

Niraj Kapur is an expert sales training, 121 coach and author of the Amazon bestseller, Everybody Works in Sales. He gets results for your business and keeps you accountable. Clients trained include Barclays, Sainbury’s, Headford Group, Santander and Lyonsdown.

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