Get your testimonials working for you..

, Get your testimonials working for you..Using customer testimonials in your advertising, marketing materials and on your
website is a common practice. If your customers are saying great things about your
business, then why not publicize those positive testimonials for the world to see?

Not so fast:
There are two main problems with customer testimonials–overuse and legitimacy. Testimonials are used so often that they have lost some of their value. Furthermore, prospective customers don’t always trust the truthfulness of testimonials.

How do you make your customer testimonials stand out from the crowd and make them more meaningful for your prospects? To create effective, meaningful customer testimonials, they must be:

1. Authentic
2. Quantifiable
3. Specific
4. Diverse
5. Approved

In short, don’t leave room for guesswork when it comes to your customer testimonials. Leverage the role of your loyal and best customers by asking them to provide testimonials. Make sure your customer testimonials are verifiable, and specifically tell prospective consumers the benefits of doing business with you.

If your customer testimonials are honest and trustworthy, then people will respond to them which will translate to positive results for your bottom line. See my examples here

You might also want to consider using a third party to gather your testimonials for you. Companies like The Disc Directory will pro-actively promote and publish positive comments from your satisfied customers. It adds great value and credibility having these published by a third party.

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