You don’t have to go to the gym to keep fit!

Ok , todays blog isn’t actually about fitness or going to the gym at all, although I’m confident they have been packed at the time of writing this blog article. (April 2021)

This is actually about your business and what you are doing to go to market, generate leads and all those important little things either side of the sale.

After 16 years supporting and helping business owners around the world, I have learned that much of their success comes down to just how much they manage to get done either side of the sale. The secret to getting this important activity to the levels required for success often comes down to the desirability, not the importance of the activity.

Let’s go back to our title.. “You don’t have to go to the gym to keep fit” – What I mean by this is you could go running, swimming, boot camping, play a sport, do yoga or Pilates or combination of all or any of them. I guarantee the ones you choose to do will be the ones you enjoy the most. The outcome will essentially be the same, you will become fitter.

This translates perfectly across to your business activities either side of the sale and the delivery of your product/service. The more desirable the activity, the more likely you are to undertake it and complete it, resulting in the same outcome.

, You don’t have to go to the gym to keep fit!

So, with that in mind, often my role is to find ways to get the job done, but using more desirable, palatable methods. For example, you know you need to do some cold calling, but you really don’t enjoy doing it. Suggestion – Why not get together with someone else and have some banter and some fun while you make your own calls together. (You can even do this remotely, via a Zoom link for example). If you have more than one person responsible for these activities try gamifying the process. Daily, weekly awards, or achievements for fun.

Another solution might be to change the identity of a process can make it more palatable too. I don’t play tennis to keep fit, I play tennis because I enjoy playing tennis. The outcome is I become fitter. Running seminars/webinars and events is enjoyable – so I don’t see this as marketing. In fact, marketing for my events is enjoyable too. So, both these marketing activities are more desirable and interesting as I don’t really see them as marketing activities.

So, the message here is – If you want to get fit you don’t have to go to the gym. You can find other ways to get the same result. We are all good at completing desirable and enjoyable tasks before the less enjoyable essential ones. Make an undesirable task enjoyable by mixing it up, reframing it or turning into something else to get the same outcome.

How about you, how do you get those essential but less interesting task done in your business?

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, You don’t have to go to the gym to keep fit!
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