10 key ingredients that UNSUCCESSFUL people have

, 10 key ingredients that UNSUCCESSFUL people haveYep – UNSUCCESSFUL – Here are just some of the things I see in people who struggle to succeed.
I am often seen delivering talks and seminars on the key ingredients of successful people. As a twist here are a few key ingredients to avoid at all costs. We can all probably associate ourselves with some of these, but I guess the question is, how much and how many of these ingredients do you have? It may just be the answer for your goal for success that you were looking for.

1. Work hard at being Lazy
There’s no gentle way to say it.. But LAZY people exist and they tend to be unsuccessful.  Successful people are hard workers by default.

2. Full of fear
They are frightened to start, frightened to stop, frightened of failure and yes, they are often frightened of success too.. Overcome your fears to improve your chance of success

3. They ooze negativity
I never met a successful pessimist but I met plenty of unsuccessful ones. You can change your outlook by surrounding yourself with positive, happy people

4. They don’t set goals
Whinging it, playing it by ear and making it up as you go along.. All traits of people who do not have clearly defined goals written and tracked. Successful people write down their goals simply because it makes a positive difference.

5. Non-believers
Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t you are basically correct. That is how strong an influence our belief systems have on us. It is important to believe something is possible otherwise our behaviour won’t support our desires.

6. Small thinkers
Thinking small and thinking just one day ahead at a time is going to get you pretty much only as far as tomorrow. Thinking small you will always be a follower too, never a leader. You need to have both short and long term objectives in order to be successful.

7. Time wasters
Your most valuable asset should be protected at all costs and used wisely. Every minute of every day is precious, unique and is available just once in your lifetime. Successful people know and understand this and therefore manage their time wisely.

8. Blame, Excuse and Denial
This trio of ingredients are often seen together and favoured by unsuccessful people as valid reasons for their lack of success. Of course successful people accept 100% responsibility for their own outcomes.

9. Play the waiting game
There is a big fat worm for every bird. But it won’t get dropped into the nest. You have to go grab it. Unsuccessful people have an expectation if they wait long enough success will come. REALLY?

10. Over thinking it
Yep.. Even thinkers struggle to be successful sometimes. Over thinking, over planning, over strategizing and not actually ever getting started. Paralysis by analysis if you like. Simply put – “do’ers” are successful. So, get started today!!!!

So there you go… quite a concoction of failure there. The fewer of these you have in your daily routine the greater your chance of success. Your views and comments are always welcome.

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