The USP is DEAD!

, The USP is DEAD!

The USP is Dead!

What’s your Unique Selling Point, what makes you different, why are your products or services better than your competitors? If you still think this way when you are putting campaigns together then you need to rethink your marketing.

The term USP was devised in the 1940’s to help big brands differentiate themselves from others offering a proposition that they could deliver against that was so called unique. These days no brands have anything that is truly unique. We all have access to practically the same attributes as others and so that unique point of difference has become much harder find.

This coupled with the fact that consumers and buyers are now empowered to research their own needs and make decisions armed with stacks of information and based on referrals from others the USP doesn’t have much sway anymore. So how should a brand communicate effectively now?

Understand the customer problem.

When I go to B&Q because I need a drill, my problem isn’t that I need a drill, my problem is I need a hole in the wall. A small hole that I can pop a screw into and that I can hang something from. That’s my problem. So the USP for the drill isn’t really of interest. If the brand can communicate an understanding of my problem then it already had me at hello!

Think about your own messaging, understand who your customers are and create a message based on the real problem, not on the benefits of your product or service.

The USP is dead, there we’ve said it!

Sue Wills, Director at Hoot Marketing, helping you make the right noise.

Many thanks to Sue for her knowledgeable, enjoyable and interesting article on the death of the USP. I am always happy to publish articles and content of interest here. Drop me a line if you would like to feature on my blog in May.

As always your views, comments and feedback are always welcomed

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