Checklist to design a great advert….

Are you planning to do some advertising this year?

Then here are a few questions you should ask yourself to ensure you get the very best advert working for you…..

, Checklist to design a great advert….

Does the advert:

  • have a strong headline to catch attention?
  • Does the layout follow the A.I.D.A. princinples? – (Attention – Interest -Desire – Action)
  • mention the benefits of your product or service?
  • have ‘you’ appeal – will it appeal to your target audience?
  • answer questions the reader might ask?
  • include a Call to Action (CTA) telephone number, website address and/or contact details? The size of the CTA needs to be relative to the size of the advert use typefaces and logosin a consistent way? This will help form your company image
  • have short sentences and paragraphs and use simple and clear language to avoid confusion?
  • make sense? Will it to your target customer?
  • include quotations from happy customers as proof that your product or service is worth purchasing (if applicable)?
  • have an image or picture appropriate to the purpose of the advert? (if applicable)
  • break up the copy with sub-headings that tell the story (if it is a large advert)?


  • Is the advert being placed in the most appropriate place?
  • Is it legal, honest, decent and truthful?

These simple questions will help you to create a business generatin advert for your business.

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