50 Great Lessons to Live by…

, 50 Great Lessons to Live by…
Taken from ‘The Way of the Shark’ by Greg Norman

  • Dreams are the blueprints of reality
  • Find a better way but don’t take short cuts
  • Always tell the truth
  • Separate yourself from the crowd
  • Control your emotions
  • Get anger out of your system as quickly as possible
  • Set high standards they will drive you to achieve
  • “Do it now” and “Do it properly”
  • You are judged by the company you keep
  • Learn the value of preparation
  • Be willing to change in order to succeed
  • Work on your weaknesses, rather than focus on your strengths
  • Face failure, learn from it and move on
  • Seek the advice of others
  • Forge strategic and long term relationships
  • Identify a niche and fill it
  • Study others. Apply what works. Discard what doesn’t
  • Focus on delivering substance over style
  • Play your own game
  • Expect the unexpected
  • When looking for partners, search for companies with like minded values
  • Don’t stand by idly when the rights of others are threatened
  • Material change comes from those willing to change the status quo
    Stay in good physical condition. It will make a difference in your mental outlook
  • Resolve conflict through personal intervention
  • Turn inertia into action
  • Trust your instincts
  • Think of yourself as an entrepreneur
  • Learn to compartmentalize, give total focus to the task in hand
  • The nature of a true competitor is to become more determined with every defeat
  • Victory is sweet, but how you handle yourself in defeat is often more telling
  • It takes time to establish something of value
  • Separate your personal life from your professional life
  • Treat your clients money as though it were your own
  • Don’t change the people, change the people
  • Evaluate each business opportunity on its own merit
  • Develop a detailed plan for each business and continually refine it
  • Find your adjacent space opportunities
  • Know when to develop your own ideas and when to partner with others
  • Be a good partner, respect and defer to others talents
  • Know when to build equity in your own brand and when to add value to others
  • Always over deliver on the value proposition
  • Every deal is different, be flexible
  • Develop your business in emerging markets
  • Involve independently minded people at the highest level of your organisation
  • Empower your employees in a way that unleashes their talent and energy
  • Meet regularly with members of your team to explain your vision for the business
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Attack life
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