The 15 Keys To Running Team Meetings

These are the 15 keys components of an effective and efficient team meeting – whether it’s for management, administration, sales or production.

Set a time
Make it the same time every time, so that people book it in as a habit
Set a Frequency
Make it consistent so that’s it’s booked it in as a habit
Select a location
In the office, café or on the phone – make it the same place each time
Publish an agenda
So that the team knows what’s being covered
Start on time
Reward the organised people, train the tardy people to be early
Thank them for making the time
Your Say
Allow everyone to have ‘their say’ on how they are feeling – 1 minute max. This gets participation and everyone involved.
Check In
Each person to talk about what they have done from the previous weeks action list. If they have done them – congratulate them. If they haven’t done them, get them to commit to getting them done and ask “how can I/we support you on getting it done for next week?”
Celebrate the wins
Acknowledge and recognize the achievements
Anything to add to the agenda?
Gives the team the opportunity to add topics they want covered
What’s happening with the business good and bad. Important to get this out of the way early (there can be negatives that need to be addressed) and then end with positives so that the team leave the meeting on a high.
Keep it fun and lively. Get everyone involved. (A great way to get people learning fast is to set them a topic that they need to work on as a teaching topic for them the following meeting or meetings.)
To Do’s for the next meeting
Each person is to list down the things that they will commit to doing before the next meeting.
Share action commitments
Each person reads out their commitments to the group
Finish on time

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