Mindset matters. Get more done by doing less by Shaa Wasmund

A really important and personal blog post from Shaa Wasmund today.
I want to share this great post as it contains a message that is very close to my heart and is a great reminder of the importance our mindset and attitude plays towards achieving a healthy work/life balance.

Check out the post here.


, Mindset matters. Get more done by doing less by Shaa Wasmund

Shaa talks about the importance of protecting your most valuable asset (time) and making some big choices about where we focus that time.

For me I often say we are constantly surrounded by “time bandits”, those tempting and often perceived essential demands for our time and attention.

I know from personal experience (especially as a business owner) we are often exposed to so many of these “shiny” things that draw us away from the precious and more important places where our time should be spent, like our families and friends.

For those who know me well… This is one of my soap boxes.. I have always worked hard on my work/life balance. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do (with a passion), but sometimes that can be the problem!. Spending time with friends and family is so, so important – critical in fact.

Losing my parents so young (26yrs) taught me early in life that our time is finite and we never know when the permanence of loss will arrive. It’s a big part of my big life “WHY”

It’s a powerful and personal message from Shaa and really worth reading, digesting and then passing on to your friends (especially if they are business owners!).

Check out Shaa’s post here

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