Hustle – Successful Mindset tip number 7

Successful Mindset Tip number 7

There are many aspects to a successful mindset in business. Hustling is something that I see in great business owners. It doesn’t have to be done in a negative, harming way. On the contrary hustling  is a key part of the successful mindset for any business owner.

Hustle: By definition

1. To move or act energetically and rapidly:
2. To push or force one’s way.
3. To act aggressively, especially in business dealings.

, Hustle – Successful Mindset tip number 7

Never take ‘no’ for an answer. If you’re crazy enough to think you can change the business world, some of the rational and safe people around you will write you off as mad. So in order to get what you want you are going to need to hustle and serve  your customers amazingly well to be successful as a business owner – It reminds me of a great phrase I first heard from Shaa Wasmund on stage in January 2014. “Hustle and Serve, Hustle and Serve”  It creates a greater sense of balance for something that may feel a little aggressive or overtly strong. Hustle so that you may serve.. Here are few of my tips on how to hustle your way to success.

1. Ask the question “what would it take to…?”The add question like..

“join our team”
“supply to us at this price”
“buy our product or service”
“help us with X” …etc.

They will then give you a milestone to hit

2. Blow your horn frequently.. Make lots of noise about your successes, positive feedbacks, wins etc. We have fantastic free platforms for trumpet blowing with the likes of FaceBook, Twitter etc

3. Accept rejection and move on. It’s going to happen.. When you push hard and look to hustle your way to success you will get some negativity and non believers who will have an opinion and a voice about what you are hustling to achieve. Acknowledge it and move on.

4. It’s perfectly OK to say NO!. Hustling requires additional energy and focus. So don’t get pulled away from your primary objective and goal. Knowing that will the extra energy and drive to hustle successfully means you will at some point have to say no to someone. That’s OK to do. 

5. Fuel with small victories. Building successful businesses requires you to hustle hard, work incessantly and have amazing levels of energy and endurance. So you need to fuel yourself with small victories: Enjoy moments like being complimented for your products or service, a testimonial email received, you made a nice sale, really the small things matter too.
You were complimented on your business at a networking event, a happy customer sends you an email, maybe you made a website sale. It’s really important to enjoy these small wins. It is easy to bask in the light of BIG victories (Whopper ££ deals, Grade A clients, a gazillion website hits, etc), but a series of small victories will give you the positive mindset, attitude and energy to hustle your way to a successful business

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