The importance of being OMNIPRESENT


Widely or constantly encountered; widespread. The ability to be present anywhere and everywhere.

I have recently been doing some presentation work on the importance of being OMNIPRESENT as we move towards recovery in 2021 and beyond.

With a transition coming from doing our business online for the last 18 months to enjoying the opportunity to working offline again, I believe we have a few things to consider.

, The importance of being OMNIPRESENT

But I just got here!

Firstly, many of us who previously weren’t acquainted or interested with working online have learnt to do so. For example, we have seen a huge increase in the use (by businesses) of our social networks. It was always a busy, crowded place, but it is even more so now with some staggering figures.

Secondly, we have developed new tools and systems to help us get the most from our online activities, enabling and empowering us to market and sell much more effectively and efficiently. Whether this be the enhancement of existing tools like Zoom, or the introduction of new systems to make online sales easier for the layman or inexperienced, non-technical people.

Go where your customers are!

Now we have the opportunity to return to offline methods to do business and I am being asked “Should I stay online or go back offline?” – Of course, the flippant answer is “you need to go where your customers are”. But I think our customers will be doing the same as us too. Some will stay online, some will revert to offline and some will enjoy both.

So, in order to be successful moving forward the need to be OMNIPRESENT becomes increasingly relevant. We have to learn to be in all places, at all times.


, The importance of being OMNIPRESENT

The successful ones will learn to get the balance between their online and offline presence just right. The world of the HYBRID business is here. Offline businesses that have learnt to adapt, and I believe they will keep their online presence. More importantly, this is a great opportunity for traditional online businesses to find a way to be more present in the offline space too.

Bottom line message is – Don’t get too comfortable or lazy in the online world. I appreciate you have just spent all that time getting competent and comfortable there. Doh!

To be successful in the new way of working, we need to be everywhere our customers will be prospecting and shopping and they most certainly will be shopping everywhere!

Join us for the BIG100 this November 5th for 100 OMNIPRESENT tips for you and your business.
, The importance of being OMNIPRESENT
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