You DON'T want your customer to be simply satisfied!

, You DON'T want your customer to be simply satisfied!

People Talk!

When you deliver your  product or service to the customers expectations they will be satisfied, no more, no less.

They will simply go away having received the goods or service to the expected standards and basically say nothing.

That is what you or I would do right? – We don’t have any reason to complain or sing your praises.

However – If you deliver your products or service BELOW the level of expected standards your customers will definitely talk about you.


And they won’t just tell one person.. They will take great pleasure in warning all their friends about the challenges of using your services.

In fact they will likely tell people they don’t even know by posting to the infinite online feedback websites and social media networks

The same rule applies if you deliver over and above their expectation. Your customers will go away and talk about you.


Hopefully, if you have done an exceptional job of wowing them they will tell their friends and colleagues and the online community too.

Every sale creates an opportunity to enrol the services of a great salesman for you. They bought your product or service and can therefore speak confidently about how good it is.

So the trick is to ALWAYS deliver above expectation, WOW your customers and they will talk about you to their friends, family and online community..

Silence is not always golden!

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