What is a Performance Coach

Effective performance coaching will train you to set and achieve your business and personal goals by developing easy-to-follow, step-by-step action plans.

Three key ingredients that will help generate performance for you.

, What is a Performance Coach

  • Knowledge – Knowing what to do is a great pace to start
  • Mindset – Having clarity of vision, a positive attitude and the confidence to get started is the next key ingredient
  • Action – Taking action – A decision is not a decision until some action is observed.

Effective Performance Coaching will also show you how to:

  • Set goals, stay focused and remain on target
  • Develop and learn new personal and business skills
  • Manage your time more effectively
  • Reduce your stress levels and increase your productivity during your day

Performance Coaching can help you develop a clear vision for the future, enhance your personal skills.

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  1. Ally 19th May 2012 at 07:30

    I agree with the comments alaerdy posted. I’d ask the team what impact it has on their work when team members don’t show up, and what they want to do about it.I think AL coaches have to be careful and clear when they wear the dual hats of AL program manager and coach. I experienced this situation with a team working a multi-month org challenge. I was serving as program manager and coach. The team developed a lot of hostility toward one member who wouldn’t show and wasn’t pulling his weight. They would not confront the individual directly, but the non-verbals could have knocked you over! Since they knew the AL experience was part of hi-po leadership development, they looked to me in my PM role to do something about the non-participating individual. The Problem Owner was aware of it, so I deferred to him to take action about the individual’s lack of participation. (He didn’t, that I could tell.) It all came to a head when the AL teams were finished, and they wanted some mention of their work/contribution included in performance appraisals, since the AL engagement took a considerable amount of their time. The PO decided to honor that request and wrote that input, as he was in their management chain. Which brings up another issue for a Program Manager and the leadership sponsoring AL teams: setting clear expectations up front with participants about AL as a development activity, rather than a performance expectation. What will be formally documented? How will uneven participation be regarded? Would love to hear some other experiences on this one, from the Program Manager perspective. My own experience tells me it’s better to frame it solely as a developmental experience, and to keep it out of the performance appraisal process.


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