Knowledge v's Learning

90% of Small Businesses fail because of the lack
of skill and knowledge of the business owner

, Knowledge  v's LearningWe all have knowledge.. With so much information available to us today via so many different mediums we would struggle not to gain knowledge every day.

So, I challenge Dunn and Bradstreets comments and say nearly all the business owners I meet and work with do indeed have KNOWLEDGE. The difference is they don’t have the LEARNING.

So what’s the difference?

For me the difference is in what we do with the knowledge.
Knowing is not enough, we must DO. Doing turns our knowledge into learning. Once we learn something it then becomes cemented or locked in and is far more likely to stay with us. A habit if you prefer…

A good example of this is driving. I can read books on the theory of driving and I can watch videos of how to drive. This is KNOWLEDGE, I become knowledgeable of driving.
In order to LEARN to drive I need to get into the drivers seat and DO driving.. Now I am learning. This ensures I generate the habit and as a consequence retain the information.
So read, watch, listen, observe… Great KNOWLEDGE providers…
But you need the DO to get the learning..
I meet many business owners who ask for my help to keep them accountable on the DO… They have some the knowledge but have not learnt from it and so don’t DO it..

The best way to get both KNOWLEDGE and LEARNING is to get a great coach or a mentor to help you They will give you information/skills (knowledge) and help to keep you accountable by setting goals and planning and doing (learning)

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