10 Strengths of a GREAT Goal Setter

, 10 Strengths of a GREAT Goal Setter
1: Be Specific
This strength is particularly relevant when setting “Smart” goals because some of your projects will require detailed planning. The more specific you can be on the next step or action required, the more likely you are to take that step and get closer to the goal.
2: Be Tenacious
“Never giving up” may or may not be a wise thing to do. Rather than banging your head against the wall, tenacity can be effectively displayed by looking for another way around, over or under that wall.
3: Be Results Driven
Many people take this for granted but sell themselves very short by settling for limited results. Challenge yourself to be looking for results as a form of positive feedback. This is a world away from the stereo-typical ‘Type-A’ Maniac.
4: Be Enthusiastic
From the root meaning of the word, the “theos” within, this is one of the most important inner strengths to draw on. It is a wonderful thing to feel the power of enthusiasm at work on a desired change or goal.
5: Be Noble
Perhaps this translates best as civility or politeness. Being noble will also do wonders for your stress levels!
6: Be Grateful
You can exercise this strength by simply being grateful for your family and friends, for the opportunities that come your way and for the breath that keeps coming.
7: Be Trusting
It is possible to trust the best intentions of yourself and others without being gullible or naive. By looking for and expecting the best of yourself and others, you may also learn to trust your intuition when something doesn’t seem quite right.
8: Be Happy
This refers to the predominant feeling you wish to experience while achieving this goal. It is an ongoing and an inner experience from a place within. See strength number 4 for a useful ally!
9: Be Serious
“You cannot be serious!”; as the tennis player John McEnroe used to bawl on the tennis courts of the world. Oh, but I am! You can become serious when you need to apply focus and attention, yet also remain discreetly happy within.
10: Be Curious
A strength many of us let lapse from early adulthood. More’s the pity because a curiosity for what you are capable of in the world helps sustain most of the other 9 strengths – just as oxygen fuels a fire.
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  1. Hal Klegman 10th June 2012 at 03:58

    Ian, I am so grateful that you post brilliant stuff so I don’t have to work so hard. I am serious. Thank you.
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  2. Kartik 2nd May 2014 at 01:47

    Hey Ian…i am a student and always been a fan of yours just read your r 10 Strength. Loved it hope it will inspire me, “Enthusiasm” 😉 For my pre tests 🙂 Thanks keep posting.
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