Why Introverts make great leaders.

Being introvert should not dictate your behaviour as a leader/manager. There are many advantages to being an introvert in business. Nature does not predict or dictate your success or failure as a leader.

While an introvert may not be loud in openly conversational groups, they are great at emerging in richer, more meaningful connections with employees and clients on a 1-2-1 basis. Based on their style and more genuine relationship building they are more in tune with their employees than the extroverted leader might be.

, Why Introverts make great leaders.

Motivated by productivity, not ambition, one of the mis conceptions about introverts is that they are not as ‘get up and go’ as more socially driven people. The truth here is that they are simply motivated by different elements, and they record success by different measures.

An introvert is wired differently, instead of receiving recognition and professional advancement an introvert leader will gain more satisfaction from retaining the team’s productivity and top-quality delivery.

They maybe do not get as distracted as much as an extrovert as they are able to block out noise and concentrate more effectively. They can lure their energy from within and therefore focus more easily on the task without the distraction of other loud conversations or office background noise.

Their ability to concentrate amongst distraction promotes and enhances the qualities that make introverts great leaders to begin with. In hand with their motivation for quality and productivity, its easier for them to maintain and focus on the needs of their team players without having to be side-tracked by other duties or requests.

, Why Introverts make great leaders.

Research has also found that introverts are less likely to make quick decisions. An introvert brain will make a decision having given it a great deal of thought and reflect on the creative ways to solve problems. As their quality of work is always the mission, means they do not settle for mediocre, and will be less likely to sign off a piece of work if other team members have objections. An introvert will always want to address any concerns directly before moving forward with any project.

So, to conclude it is evident that the best leaders are not always the noisiest and most noticeable and the miss conception that introverts cannot ‘cut it’, is an alarmingly miss leading one. The truth is that any company would do well to help it’s introverts among its ranks rise, allowing them to excel, even if they choose to do so away from the limelight.


, Why Introverts make great leaders.

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