5 Great Reasons Why Excellent Communication With Your Spouse Is Vital When You Run Your Own Business

5 Great Reasons Why Excellent Communication With Your Spouse Is Vital When You Run Your Own Business

1.     Make time for you relationship

Good communication is vital for any relationship, especially with your spouse. But when you’re running your own business, it’s even more important. Running your own business is all encompassing, and while you are totally submersed in everything from the delivery of your product to all of the ‘back-office’ stuff, it is all too easy to think that you are the only person going through this treacle-treading process.

If at this stage, you are not taking the time to sit with, rest with and communicate with your partner, your relationship will inevitably suffer. Keep your relationship high on the list of priorities. It might not always be at the No.1 spot, but you absolutely need to make sure it is up there. After-all, what is the point in creating your dream life if you have no-one to share it with in the end.

2.     Happy relationship = thriving business

We all know that when we are happy, good things flow our way and it is no different in business. When we are at the top of our game in our relationship, we are energised and motivated. We radiate positivity and are boosted by our belief in ourselves to succeed. 
When we are feeling doubtful in our abilities or generally hitting a difficult patch, our partners can be there to encourage us. 

My husband and I are both self-employed and we have definitely supported each other throughout the process. Here I believe you reap what you sow. Having a strong connection with your partner encourages your business to thrive.

3.     Art of negotiation

The art of negotiation is important for all aspects of business and love. When we can negotiate and resolve disagreements with our partner, we can negotiate pretty much anything. This is because we have a strong emotional connection to our loved ones, which is wonderful in many senses but can also be a hindrance. When we are emotionally triggered, we are often less able to articulate what we want or really mean. 

When we are able to compromise and come to a mutual agreement, both parties can feel heard and validated. Once we have learned the art of being able to sit down and chat things through clearly, not only expressing ourselves but actually being able to understand our partners point of view, this skill can be utilised in your business.

4.     Work-Life Balance

Running your own business should be fun. Often considered an ‘easy job’, working for yourself is anything but. If you are both self-employed, this can easily be twice as hard. Time together can be scarce and it is all too easy to be worrying about money, bills, service delivery and staff. Not understanding that can easily cause conflict. If one partner is either in an employed job or at a point where they are putting in less hours, resentment can easily sneak in and cause friction. 

By communicating well and keeping each other in the loop in terms of how you are feeling, frustrations you are having, as well as sharing your wins, keeps you both on the same page, thereby maintaining a happy family home.

5.     Sharing goals

Being aligned in your goals and values is worth its weight in gold. Your businesses may be separate or run together but regardless of that, your goals can always be shared… and its best if they are. Knowing the big picture and being able to work on that together, supporting each other and encouraging each other will most certainly get you there quicker. 

That isn’t to say there won’t be hurdles along the way… but as long as you are on that journey together, your will get there in the end. Have a vision board that you can both use to remind yourselves what you are working for and why.

, 5 Great Reasons Why Excellent Communication With Your Spouse Is Vital When You Run Your Own Business

Guest Blogger details – Pascale Lane is a Relationship and Life Coach. She works with women who are unhappy in their relationship and struggling with confidence and self-esteem issues. Pascale is an ex-social worker, a Relate trained counsellor and accredited life coach. If you would like to know more about the work she does you can check out www.youfulfilled.co.uk or book a call with her here

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