On Mindset

Trying doesn’t work. When we say we’re going to try, it presupposes failure.

I tried for years to make certain changes and do certain things. What I didn’t realise was that the feeling of trying was becoming familiar. People like what’s familiar, so once I got used to trying, my neurology didn’t want to shock me by having me succeed. So I went on trying for years.

Have you become familiar with the experience of trying or struggling? If so, it may be time to find out what happens when you move beyond trying. What happens when you imagine getting what you want? How does it feel?

As Yoda said “Do or do not. There is no try.” Trying doesn’t work.

On Knowledge

With so much information available to us today via so many different mediums we would struggle not to gain knowledge every day. But there is a distinction to be made between knowledge and learning…

Knowing is not enough, we must DO. Doing turns our knowledge into learning. Once we learn something it then becomes cemented or locked in and is far more likely to stay with us. A habit if you prefer…

A good example of this is driving. I can read books on the theory of driving and I can watch videos of how to drive. This is KNOWLEDGE, I become knowledgeable of driving. In order to LEARN to drive I need to get into the drivers seat and DO driving.. Now I am learning. This ensures I generate the habit and as a consequence retain the information.

So read, watch, listen, observe… Great KNOWLEDGE providers… But you need the DO to get the learning.. I meet many business owners who ask for my help to keep them accountable on the DO… They have some the knowledge but have not learnt from it and so don’t DO it..

On Action

There are no shortcuts to great places… Taking massive action is the key to success! In fact action does not always require thinking.

Actually, thinking often hinders action and learning. Socrates, one of the greatest “thinkers” of all time, said, “Action equals knowledge.” Taking action – that is how you achieve results.

Movement overcomes fear. When struck by fear, move. Do something! So, don’t wait to explore your entrepreneurial spirit; start taking action now. For me a decision is not a true decision until some action is observed….