From Brixton Beat to Business Leader

Global Leadership Trainer, Business Speaker & Business Coach

I have coached and mentored 100’s of businesses throughout the UK. In the last seventeen years I have delivered over 450 Leadership training courses, Professional Business Seminars and Motivational Speeches around the world.

As an experienced Hampshire based leadership trainer, business coach and business speaker with an extensive and colourful career path taking me from Brixton Police Officer to Corporate Director, you are guaranteed exciting and relevant content drawn from my knowledge, experience and background. As a multi award winning Business Performance Coach my passion for helping others in business has never waned.

Partner, Dad, Brother and Trusted Friend… I am always up… In fact I say to my clients – When you are up I am up, when you are down I am up!

Two of my favourite quotes.. Never wish your life was easier, wish that you were better. Work harder on yourself than you do your job... If you would like to find more about how I could you have your BEST EVER year in business you should drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.

My Bio

Honours, Awards and Experience.




• Global Leadership Trainer (30+ Countries).
• Seasoned International Speaker. 
• Business Personality of the Year - Highly Commended.
• Awarded European Seminar Presenter.
• Awarded Coaches Coach.
• Awarded Business Improvement Success.
• One of the UK's leading business advisors/coaches.
• Certified NLP Practitioner.
• Delivered of 500 workshops, talks and seminars.