NOW WHAT! LIVE – The Seminar (Guest Speaker)


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Every decision you have ever made in your entire life, has led you to this moment.

As in this THIS moment now where you are reading these words…

Now What? for your life, now what for your business? It’s a question we rarely explicitly ask ourselves, we just autopilot ourselves through the days, they become months, years a life.

On  the back of the success of Brad’s latest book – Now What? We are going to get you to answer the Now What? question at this first ever LIVE event.

So join Brad in 2017, and kick start your year in the most awesome way!


The Seminar promises to inspire, motivate and fire up everyone of the attendees to find their success. with just 100 places available, there is a reason that you are reading this. Like everything in life the decision to act is yours.

Only 81 places remain…

Now What?

Book on, of course! 

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