Leadership skills for Managers and Leaders (Trainer)


19sep(sep 19)09:0020(sep 20)17:00Leadership skills for Managers and Leaders (Trainer)Two day workshop hosted by Marcus Evans - Melbourne Australia


19 (Thursday) 09:00 - 20 (Friday) 17:00

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Session One

Introductions – course overview.

First things first – Understanding the THREE KEYS to unlocking your SUCCESS as a TRUE Leader.

  • Mindset – Knowledge – Action.
    • Mindset – Opening the mind, challenging our beliefs and thinking like a leader.
    • Knowledge – Knowledge Vs Learning, understanding the importance of learning over knowledge.
    • Action – Key traits of great action takers and action makers.
  • Winning attitudes.
    • Staying above the line – thinking like a winner every time.
    • Not dropping below the line and avoiding the victim mindset.
  • The 4 stages of learning.
  • Discussion – What makes a great leader for you, recognizing traits in others.
  • Exercise – Finding your level as a leader – Score yourself against some great leadership traits.

 Session Two

The true power of Situational Leadership.

  • How to be the right leader for the right situation, every time.
    • Understanding and using Ken Blanchard’s five leadership styles effectively.
    • Critical tips for the successful management and leadership of your teams.
  • True communication is the response you get!
    • Accepting full responsibility for every communication we make.
    • What to do when communication goes wrong – understanding the true cost of poor communication.
  • Exercise – Build the picture – The true power of effective communication.
  • Discussion – What can we learn from the exercise and what can we do to improve our communication.
  • Exercise – My biggest learnings from this morning.

 Session Three

The Strategic Leader.

  • The great leaders’ checklist – 10 core principles for strategic leadership.
  • How to define, encourage, lead and effectively manage your teams.
  • Leadership vs Management – Understanding the differences and importance of both.
  • Discussion – How do you recognise when it is appropriate to lead or when to manage.

 Session Four

Getting it done – Leadership skills to achieve purpose.

  • Nine tactics to influence, manage and lead your teams successfully.
  • Leadership traits vs Followership traits – Great leaders need great followers.
  • 15 things you can do today to become a better leader.
  • Exercise – Score yourself as a LEADER and a FOLLOWER
  • Discussion – What can you do today to be a better leader?
  • Exercise – My biggest learnings from this afternoon.


Leadership Skills for Managers and Leaders 


 Session One

Discussion – Recap from previous day.

Identifying the key factors that make a winning team.

  • The 6 keys to a winning team.
  • 12 strategies for building the ultimate team.
  • Working with and making the change.
    • Storming – Forming – Norming – Performing.
  • Exercise – ABCD – Score your managers, team leaders and team members.

 Session Two

The perfect fit – How to attract the very best people   

  • How to attract and recruit the best people.
  • Strategies and techniques for maintaining the highest levels of performance.
  • How to activate, stimulate and motivate your teams.
  • Discussion – what are our key motivators?
  • Exercise – How will you motivate your teams when you return?
  • Exercise – My biggest learnings from this morning.

 Session Three

Dealing with difficult people and managing conflict.

  • Discussion – sharing experiences of challenging situations and tough individuals.
  • Primary causes of conflict in the workplace and how to avoid them.
  • Recognising and avoiding characteristics of dysfunctional teams.
    • Change the people or change the people.
  • The formula for change – The secret formula to overcome objections and obstacles to change.
  • Exercise – Working with the FIVE conflict management strategies.

 Session Four

Bringing it all together –

  • 15 of the best tips for leading and managing your teams
  • 15 of the best tips for Productivity – Recruitment – Motivation – Communication with your teams.
  • Final Tips and Advice.
  • Exercise – My Biggest Learning from this afternoon.
  • Discussion – Questions, sharing commitments and key learnings from the two days.

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