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“What others say about you and your product, service, or business is at least 1000% more convincing than what you say”

The reason is obvious. Customers doubt what we say about ourselves, but believe other customers. And the more customers who say good things about us, the more prospective customers will believe them. Include testimonials in your advertisements. In some cases, an entire advertising campaign can be built around a series of testimonials.

Ask for, collect and use testimonials for your business and you will see an improvement in your results!

YesCanDo Group

I was invited to a business event that Ian Dickson was hosting 5 years ago and was offered a FREE introductory consultation. I had been aware of the strength a business coach can bring to a business and after spending a couple of hours with Ian I knew straight away that the time had arrived to get Ian on board as my coach.

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AA Dog Training

I first met Ian on a one day business coaching session and gained some very valuable information and guidance. It was sometime after this that I finally took the plunge and arranged my one to one coaching with Ian.

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The Directory Group

Having the drive, passion and determination to "grow" a small venture into a large profitable business is one thing... having the tools and expertise to do it as a completely different matter.

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Amiante STR Limited

Your business needs Ian. Most of us as business owners spend a huge part of our lives feeling like hamsters running around in an ever growing wheel, trying to juggle the different components of our business into that vision of what it was we wanted to achieve when we started on the road of creating our own business. Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Training, Personnel and Recruitment are all activities that Ian can help you with.

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Growing Places

Ian's coaching has given me a better understanding of my business and how to get the best from my people. We have developed strategies that empower people and make the business work harder than the individuals. Ian has also delivered coaching to other individuals and groups in the team, inspiring them and giving them focus in their own professional development.

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SMR Bathrooms

Before becoming involved with my business coach Ian Dickson, I would have said it was not the thing for me, it sounded far too Americanised for my liking - I was very mistaken. .

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Big Voice Directories

If I could patent Ian Dickson as a product, reproduce him and sell him as a widget then I would be a very rich lady, living off my yacht not far from a beautiful remote island. The next best thing is to do what I did at the beginning of this year. I chose to buy a tiny piece of him and waited to see what would happen to both me and my business.

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The Nutrition Coach

Ian Dickson is quite simply the best thing ever to have happened in my business life. Running your own business, as many will know, is a lonely task - we tend to get distracted by the small day to day "urgent" tasks, which keep us standing still, frustrated by long hours and getting nowhere. Ian has guided me to looking at working on my business , rather than in my business and I have made huge changes subsequently in all areas of my working life.

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Spirit Circuits

What I like most about Ian is his ability to provide high value business advice in an easy to understand and engaging manner. I believe that he genuinely cares about his clients and through his wealth of experience, can encourage them to move their business forward.

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Joerg Sieber

I worked with Ian Dickson in several capacities throughout a 6 year period in San Diego USA, and have seen him present to audiences up to several hundred people on business building issues and sales improvement.

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TJ Waste and Transport

I would like to thank you for the work you have put in over the last twelve months.The coaching sessions, associated networking events and seminars have clearly enhanced the business. There is a higher level of motivation, direction and drive from all levels of staff that have had and involvement. This has enabled us to improve the organisation, monitor, analyse, plan and structure all elements of the business.

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Steel Security

If, as a business owner, I can make one recommendation without reservation to anyone considering or already involved in running a business it will be - Listen to Ian. Ian has proved to be the most valuable asset my company has employed in the last year. His coaching in developing business techniques, understanding cash flow issues and, most valuably for me, effective marketing, has facilitated growth in me as an individual and in the delivery of the services supplied by Steel Security Consultants.

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Retirement Investment Solutions

We had developed our business to the stage where we were comfortable but we were also very much aware that we had to keep progressing and moving forward - to stand still would eventually mean going backwards....

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Collison Motor Services

Ian Dickson has been our business coach for nearly two years now and brings a fresh edge to every consideration we face. More than this, he forces us to regularly stop, consider and then bring our thoughts into action. Ian has always got a reasoned response and suggestions for ways forward, and we value his appreciation of our business practices and ethics.

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My managing director Simon Terry suggested years ago that I find myself a coach/mentor, at that time I laughed at him, as I didn't believe that I needed any help. After a couple of years, and Simon mentioning the coach/mentor time and time again, I decided that it was better to bite the bullet and to try and find someone.

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Static Fusion

Business Coaching - for me or not for me…………? I am a great believer in focused mentoring, having worked in such a privileged position with Senior Managers in a national Service Organisation for some 20 years. I recognize that very few people have the true empathy, skills and understanding to be able to undertake the task efficiently and effectively by ensuring constructive outcomes are achieved. The person being mentored must achieve both professional and personal growth - and that is no easy task.

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I Am Now Media Limited

Having seen you speak and inspire businesses of every shape and size over the last 3 years across the whole Southern England region, please feel free to use my testimonial to encourage other businesses to attend your seminars and workshops.

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The Flat Agency

Ian Dickson has made a huge difference to our outlook and the way we conduct our business on a daily basis. This is all down to Ian! Before we started with Ian our initial reaction was "we haven't got time for this" How wrong were we!? Ian has made us focused as individuals and taught us how to.....

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